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What made Facebook succeed and Google+ fail?

What made Facebook succeed and Google+ fail?

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Timing and approach

Facebook approach was completely different. Mark started facebook locally at university. There it got the recognition. Then slowly started opening it to other universities. He gathered the mass already by this time.
  • Then Facebook is opened to the world. Here a concept called "network externality" (which in layman's terms means users tend to use a product because his/her friends use it ) played a very important role. Now automatically facebook became super popular.
  • Facebook from the first aimed to connect friends/ different people from around the world. It has a simple design for the purpose. No more extra features in the beginning. "Status" element mostly attracted users.
  • Google on the other hand developed Google+ which is better than facebook. But Google+ is started after many people already addicted to Facebook. So it has to grab users. Here again due to the network externality, it is so difficult to bring people to Google+. It has to change the mind of all the groups of friends to use g+ which is quite impossible.
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There are so many features Google+ have when compared to Facebook but the design is not simple. The user interface is not so intuitive. When people are used to such a UI, it is always impossible to change their mind to use another though it is better.
Though facebook now is soo clumsy with unnecessary apps& games, it is difficult to change people mind. It may take some time or may never happen for g+ to overtake Facebook in this game.

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